Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Day 207: Look Ma! I'm A Bulgarian Choir!

Today, after almost 2 months, I finished Never Be Silent. Well apart from fixing and mixing. I've been out of the blogging loop so long, here's a few thoughts

Songs aren't finished, they're released. I'm learning that all over again.

I've learned a massive amount about singing, phrasing and accents, through recording this song. Also Bulgarian harmonies and arranging for voice.

I'm really working hard on singing in my real voice (rather than a mid Atlantic drawl). It's harder than you think. Talking to a speech therapist from my Church helped.

Weird things happen to your head when you know you will not finish the song you're working on tomorrow or the next day. You start to live in the song. In fact I've lived solely in the 3rd chorus for about a fortnight. It becomes a bit of a comfort blanket. You have to pick a smaller chunk and say "I'm going to finish THIS tomorrow".

I am SO going to write a whole bunch of punk rock songs with one track of vocals next.

Been thinking a lot about God's Eden proclamation - It is not good for the man be alone. As an DIY musician I spend most of my creative time on me onesee. And yet I know some amazing singers, musicians, producers and visual artist. So I'm going to try to invite more people in. I had a great time last week recording Grace Church Cellist/Bassist Rachel McClean. You'll be hearing her work on Never Be Silent and a rerecording of Let's Build An Airport soon.

Speaking of friends I went to see (ex-workmate) Tom Dempsey and (ex-bandmate) Tracey Beebe tear the Heart in Hand pub to pieces the other day with 'Balkan wedding band' Aistaguca . Who'd have thought 2 saxes, a sousaphone, a guitar and a tiny drum kit could wreak such funky havoc?

Download my new song: Faithful & True for free!!!
Other free songs by Matt Blick

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