Friday, 6 August 2010

Song of the Redeemed at 50

At the moment I've got two songs in the works, a congregational song called You Spoke The Stars and a 'whatever-you-call-songs-that-aren't-sung-in-churches' song called The Morning After The Day You Saved The World. I'm waiting on feedback from a few songwriting buddies on the former and have spent the last 2 weeks recording the latter.

Which one will make it to the blog (and you) first?

Whichever one you say giddyup to!

I had a small milestone this week - Song of the Redeemed made 50 downloads! It's actually been one of the more popular ones I wrote for Grace Church (we even sung in our community group the other week) but it hasn't really taken off on the blog. Maybe it's because it's an acoustic unplugged demo of a full band rocker, or maybe it's because most of Grace Church already had the song by the time I started the blog (I used to email them everyone - can you believe that!).

Maybe I'll do a full band demo one day.
Maybe it'll get it a new lease of life through this post.
Maybe I will change my mind about the ending of Inception being lazy.

Who knows...

But for now you can read the new improved 'behind the song' post here or just jog your memory with the lyrics...

There is a song that even the angels cannot sing
One that belongs to those who were once the slaves of sin
A song of those who fought the light
Who chose the chains that bound them tight
Each one an enemy adopted as your child.

Jesus we sing to you the song of the redeemed
We are the ones that you bought back from our slavery.
From the depth of our sin to the height of your throne
How great is the range of your salvation song
Jesus we sing to you the song of the redeemed

There is a song no angel in heaven could compose
Sung by the ones with your image stamped upon their souls
Who sought the freedom you denied
Freedom to fall, freedom to die
My God you bought us back at such an awful price

This is a truth too great for one nation to express
Summon the choir you bought with your blood from every race
In every language, God, be praised
For every tribe the ransom’s paid
To every ruler, now your wisdom is displayed

Rev 14:3 / Rev 7:9-10; Eph 3:10

Are you sure you don't want to download the song right now?

mp3     Chord Sheet     Lyrics     Behind The Song

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  1. This is one of my favourite songs Matt!

    It is great fun to play and the words are amazing. To think, we can so easily hold angels in great esteem and wonder - But they know nothing of redemption and are not the 'sons of God'

    I'm really looking forward to these latest two songs!

  2. Thanks for the kind comments (and link).

    The second song is well on it's way even though the mac FREAKED OUT yeasterday and moved the audio for 10 tracks into the next tracks, deleting a vocal track in the process...


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