Tuesday, 23 February 2010

The Sho Must Go On

Sho Baraka is one of the best Christian rappers out there. Not only has he got the same strong doctrinal underpinning to his rapping shared by all his Reach Records stablemates, he's a heavy hitter like Tedashii and he tops off the brew with a sense of humour. Here's a few recommendations for you to check out.

First up you want to get Sho's FREE mix tape Barakology. The flavour varies from the out and out silliness of the Serious Rapper Skit and the Intro to the epic track Glorious.

Sho recorded a great interview for christianmanifesto.com which you can download here.

Sho's Prodigy-influenced track Chaos is one of the standout songs on DJ Official's Entermission album. I'll be reviewing the album and giving away a free copy soon, but if you can't wait here's where you can download the track, the album or buy the CD.

Lastly Sho has a new album Lion And Liars out soon. Don't let the freaky artwork put you off ( if you aren't the lions doesn't that make you the liar Sho?).

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Lecrae Don't Waste Your Life video (starring Sho Baraka)

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