Thursday, 12 March 2009

Copyright Mythbusting

The music business giants are constantly appealing to the argument that if file sharing is allowed to continue, musicians will stop getting paid and will stop creating.

Here's a few facts to consider

A great wealth of music was created for thousands of years before musicians received any income from recordings of their music (whether printed, analogue or digital).

The vast majority of musicians creating music today do not receive any income directly from their songs.

Most of today’s greatest artists wrote their breakthrough albums/song (often their best work) before receiving any income from writing.

Here are some myth busters about where the present income goes

When you legally download a song from i-tunes for 79p (99c) the artists receives 4p (9c). Apple recently stated that if they were forced to raise this to a whopping 7p (15c) they would shutdown i-tunes.

When an artist records a song for a record company THE RECORD COMPANY, NOT THE ARTIST, OWNS THE RECORDING

When an artist signs a deal with a publisher THE PUBLISHER, NOT THE ARTIST, OWNS THE RIGHTS TO THE SONG

Recording advances are recoupable from record sales and the master tapes remain the property of the record company.

Don’t understand?

Your bank gives you a mortgage to buy a house.
You pay off the mortgage plus interest.
Who owns the house?
The bank does.

That’s the way the record companies do business.

True Story.

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