Sunday, 18 September 2011

Day 261: I Question The Soup, And Eleven Sweets For Everyone!!!

I've gone a record 3 days without writing. Having started back at school this week I came down with freshers flu or whatever the junior version is called and struggled to do anything but sleep and watch a few DVDs.

Tonight I tried to get things moving again. My evolution song (working title "I Question The Soup" is paused while I take advice from a chemist, a doctor and a science teacher, so to move that along I typed out a response to their responses and eagerly await their response.

In more clearing decks news I finally turned the huge audio file of one of my old cassette tapes into neatly labelled mp3s. Only another 38 tapes to go!

Eleven Sweets has had a massive positive response from friends and family. Zeppo and I got loads of comments at Church today and in her honour THE CHILDREN'S CHURCH GAVE ELEVEN SWEETS TO EVERY CHILD!!! How awesome is that!

Zep and I will be working on the follow up single 25 Sweets, A Happy Meal & An iPhone 5 soon.

(PS there was only one other page on the whole internet with the phrase "I question the soup" on it. Now there are two. Will I get top ranking? Simply type "I question the soup" into google and see if I win the "I question the soup" battle.

Soup Battle?


Nah  - 5,790 results.

Stick to "I question the soup".

Because I do.

Question the soup, that is).

(Did I win yet?)

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