Friday, 9 September 2011

Day 251: The Trouble With Bloogle (And The Permanence Of Paper)

Is it really nearly a WHOLE MONTH since I did a post?

Well the main cause has been frustration with Blogger - they have added a 'randomly change the formatting on my post' feature which has made posting anything a chore. I am feeling at the mercy of a the whim of some lowly underling in Googland who is either bored, absent or suffering from the same pathological need to keep changing things that is making George Lucas the most hated figure in the Nerdverse.

This is bringing closer the inevitable day when I up and get my own website and host the blog myself using Wordpress. So why bother doing anything now?

But then again - what if my host, or the wordpress platform goes down the tubes?

Maybe I should do all the pages on the mac?

But then I'm tied into the Apple erm...orchard ...FOREVER!

I love the digital world. But everything has obsolescence built in.

(Pauses to make David Crowder-like left field spiritual application)

Even the internet is subject to the fall. 

So what I will do is try to post every day, even if I'm spouting rubbish like right here. In the hope that the creative backlog will ease. I just warn you - if you thought my blogs looked ugly before - you ain't seen nothin' yet!

Exquisit Corpse

Remember that? No? Good. It's finished and here it is.

Bye Bye Baby

One of my non blogging weeks was taken up doing a songwriting workshop with about 20 teens. Here's a song I had an active part in. Bit of tidying and shaping and soupcon of guitar.

Bye Bye Baby

This week I've been working on a Foo Fighter-Lite song about evolution and a rerecording of FAWN 2011 song Eleven Sweets with my 6 year old daughter Zeppo on vocals.

Beatboxing Cellist Kevin Olusola

I've also got a million great links stored up but this one from Gungor is too awesome to wait.

Free songs by Matt Blick

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