Monday, 23 May 2011

GTD For Songwriters (pt 5)

As I've written about previously I'm using the GTD philosophy to sort song ideas. I've already covered the physical stuff (lyrics and chords on paper etc) but what about all the audio? This is much more of a work in progress but here's what I've got so far.

The future is not digital

Everyone has an iPod (and a Kalashnikov)

Digital is the present. It's pain for old timers like me because so many of my songs and ideas are stored in analogue form (I rocked a C90 back in the day) but digital is really the best option for all the reasons that persuaded us to start buying CDs in the first place. Ease of access, storage, portability...y'know - the whole 'being able to carry your entire music library with you as you fly to work in your rocket suit' shebang. And you can eat your breakfast off it. (No wait, that was a lie...)

I'd also add the benefit of being able to instantly access and do A/B comparison on ideas from the last 28 years of my music career. But lest you think this is just an issue for geezers like me, do any of you young whippersnappers have ideas spread around on voicemail, WAV, mp4, FLAC, CDs, minidiscs and DAT?

So the goal here is to rip everything onto one computer (or cloud) in mp3 format (lofi, but fine for capturing ideas).

Folders Shmolders

The next issue is sorting all this stuff. Listen to me carefully here. Labelling folders is no use whatsoever. You don't access audio files via folders you access them via your media player so what you name your folders, where you put 'em and how you arrange them is irrelevant. What folders are is a place for storing and to find when you need to back em up. So just make sure you're music is all in one place (and preferably somewhere separate from everyone else's music on your hard drive).

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