Wednesday, 13 October 2010

The Be-atletudes

As some of you may know I’ve taken on the insane task of playing through all 211 Beatles songs and then blogging about what we can learn from these awesome songs at Beatles Songwriting Academy . But I’ve also been studying their career in order to figure out how they became such great songwriters.

Because I’m such a Christian punster I call these lesson Be-atletudes and if you do these things maybe your songwriting shall be blessed too. So far we have …

Blessed are the co-writers ... for they shall write twice as much.

Blessed are the limited ... for they shall not be distracted by lots of other things. 

Blessed are the single-taskers ... for they shall work on one song at a time and not lose the plot so often.

Blessed are the prolific ... for they shall be good at songwriting because they do it a lot.

Puns aside, I'm learning a shed load from the Fab Four and it's having a really positive on my songwriting, so if you're a songwriter come and join me...

My latest song: You Spoke The Stars
Other free songs by Matt Blick 


  1. No idea you were doing that Beatles project. SO awesome. Can't wait to catch up with where you're at now, Matt!

  2. Thanks Eric - see you there!


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