Friday, 7 May 2010

New Kid's Song: The Greatest Commandment

I said I'd do it, and by Ringo's beard I've done it!

Here's the mp3 of my kid's praise song The Greatest Commandment all nice and shiny and ready for your ears. Try not to scratch it!

The Chord sheet and Behind the song post will follow soon.

If you think you ever might use such a song in your kid's ministry let me know and I might even post an mp3 backing track. (If no one wants it I'll probably still do it, it'll just take a lot longer!)

Download it The Greatest Commandment here 
Read the lyrics here

(Photo credit - I am not the photographer, or the dude in the photo. Or the kid. If YOU are anyone of these people and don't want me to use the photo let me know and I'll happy return all your pixels in mint condition)

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  2. I love this! brilliant. loving the Carlos Santana vibe

  3. Thanks Mark. Your most recent song is OFF THE CHAIN!


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