Friday, 14 May 2010

King Eglon Now Weighing In At 350!

That's downloads not pounds people! Over 350 of 'em!

Yep, The Eglon Song, my Horrible Histories goes to Sunday School song has gone global, with the flabby baddy's fame spreading faster than the tubby King's waistline.

Going through my files recently I found this 'testimonial' from one of the first listeners, who's experience has been shared by many others since...

You have unleashed a plague on both our houses! 

After spending a couple of months trying to persuade my son not to shout "POO!" all the time he is now singing this song all the time. It is far too catchy and my wife and I have both been singing it constantly. 

We have been going to bed singing it in our heads and woken up singing it, my wife even sings it in her sleep and claims it has kept her awake at night. 

At times it has got so stuck I have had to resort to singing Hey Mickey by Toni Basil to get the song out of my head! As you know there is no known song that can remove that from your head when that gets stuck.

This is a really good and funny song. Especially liked the voices. I suspect you enjoyed doing that! My son had his bedtime story from the NIV last night, Judges 3...

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