Tuesday, 6 April 2010

A Rave Review from Robin's Right Hand Man

Nottingham blogger Alan-a-Dale* was kind enough to write a post about my new song The Ballad of N.D.C. (which you can download for free) and gave a me a mention in a follow up post too.

He rates the song  

"In the best traditions of oral history and musical social comment"

and goes on to say  

"Whilst we have songsmiths in the city who are still willing to chronicle our recent social history in such a novel, humorous and accurate way, the noble spirit of Alan-a-Dale will live on in our hearts".

 Alan, for a tree dwelling bandit, you have a beautiful way with words. I really appreciate the encouragement!

Read the post a ballad for our times

*This picture is not Alan-a-Dale, neither the real historical character (who may or may not have existed), or the character as portrayed in any film, or the legendary Nottingham blogger who must keep his identity secret for culinary reasons. 
It is in fact a picture of ya mam.

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