Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Tuesday New & Links: Andrew Peterson & Uke Boy

Have I Got News for You. Andrew Peterson and his buddies are working on a new album somewhere in the snowy wastelands of Seattle. You can read his updates here
part two, part three, part four, part five,
(part one is just about travelling to the studio)
hear some snippets of the work in progress and see the guys larking about (as usual).

Someone who definitely takes his music way more seriously is this guy. He has the little guitar lick down cold and I love it when he starts making the 'rock guitarist face' but then you realise he's just got an itchy nose. Rock On. 

Last Sunday downloads of my songs hit 700 on the button. That's so cool. Most popular tunes are The Eglon Song, The Weight Of Glory (Live) and Great High Priest. If you were one of the downloaders thank you so much. I'm hoping to post some more new (and free) songs soon.

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