Monday, 31 October 2011

Day 304: Forty Three And Counting

I find I'm not playing with a full deck
I'm up to my neck like Toulouse Lautrec

So Oct is over. Spent a week workshopping, writing, recording and performing with another batch of talented kids as well as Joff and John from Swimming and Nottingham's first lady of Electro pop Ronika. A couple of songs with the young peeps and completing Never In A Million Years takes me up to 43 songs completed this year. 

I guess I'm informally shooting for completing 50 songs this year, but at the same time I'm hoping to get into a real studio to record a four song EP by the end of the year. That's gonna take a lot of work, not least trying to complete 2 more possible songs for that project. 

But tonight I wrote 4 choruses for a song about Elijah and the prophets of Baal, working title is…wait for it…Maybe Your God's On The Toilet. You might want to check your hebrew commentaries now…

Free download: Never Be Silent
Other free songs by Matt Blick

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