Monday, 21 June 2010

The Dangers of Moleskines & Multitasking

If you're into songwriting you might want to check out the blog of Nicholas Tozier, an independant singer/songwriter based in Maine. I've yet to hear any of his music but he's such an original and insightful writer that he could always blog professionally if the music career doesn't take off!

Check out these excerpts from The Seductive Dangers of Moleskines

When it’s time to write a grocery list, do you painstakingly select a fountain pen to use on your most expensive letterhead?

Or do you just scratch it into the back of last week’s receipt with a ballpoint?

I’ve bought Moleskines. They sit unused. Why do I do that? It’s like buying an expensive black suit when you live and work in a junkyard.

Sure, that’s the nicest piece of clothing you could buy for that amount of money… but is it something you’re going to feel comfortable wearing when you’re rummaging through all that scrap and mud?

When I buy something to scratch my ideas on, I now ask myself: “Am I going to feel comfortable when it’s time to tear this thing wide open and turn it inside out if that’s what it takes to write these songs?”... I like being able to rip something apart so I can see any two of its pages side-by-side without flipping around. I cut, I fold, I scratch notes, I mangle. I’ve got no business wearing a suit.

It's All Too Much

As I ransack The Beatles' songs and career for wisdom I've noticed that the Beatles went about recording their albums in a way almost no band does nowadays - one song at a time. I think they were onto something. You can read the third 'Be-atletude' "Blessed are the single-taskers" over at Beatles Songwriting Academy

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