Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Beauty Will Rise

Steven Curtis Chapman has a new album out, Beauty Will Rise and it's well worth a listen. It's his first since the tragic death of his five year old daughter Maria.

Beautiful moments abound from the 7/4 metre of the title track to the heart rending lyrics of songs like Jesus Will Meet You There and (my favourite) February 20th which remembers the day Maria gave her life to the Lord, just a few months before her death. The album is refreshingly free of hype and artifice and at some points is the sound of a man hanging on to God by his fingernails

When you realise the dreams you had for your child won't come true
whatever valley you must go through, Jesus will meet you there
And yet like Jeremiah, the writer of Lamentations, he has fashioned something beautiful, and quite probably enduring, from the pain.

As a recent SoulAudio review concluded:

If anything,
Beauty Will Rise proves the maxim the greatest or most meaningful art produced usually emerges from the worst of circumstances. It’s a true gift from an artist who lost so much to give so much more away to the rest of us.

You can stream the CD at Tangle.Com
Spotify (UK only and you'll need an invite from a paying user*)
Lala (US only)

or buy it from Amazon or 7 digital.

Here's the official 'video' but there's also a nice live version here

*Alternatively you can BUY an invite on Ebay (for around 99p)!

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