Friday, 8 May 2009

The Fear of the Lord


One of my beefs/pet peeves/bugbears with your average western Christian music is the relentless major key usage. Even when the subject is the wrath of God or the suffering of Christ on the cross the words are often grafted onto a tune (and harmony) that would be more suited to singing about how absolutely delightful your summer holiday was.

Did I miss a church council somewhere that declared minor keys are from the pit?

All that by way of saying when I hear someone singing about the fear of God – real Hebrews 10:31/12:29 type fear - over some music that actually sounds scary, I rejoice (in a minor key of course).

Props to the bizarrely named I Am Terrified for flying the minor flag and for having the courage to switch to swingtime in the middle of the song (but I'll have to deduct a few points for the synchronized headbanging, sorry) .

I Am Terrified "To The Service" from Gotee Records on Vimeo.

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