Saturday, 11 April 2009

Life AFTER Life after Death

Mark Driscoll posts some very interesting thoughts on preaching the resurrection via N.T. Wright’s book The Resurrection of the Son of God

Wright argues (rightly I believe) that Resurrection means “life after ‘life after death.’”

In the first century, “resurrection” did not mean “life after death” in the sense of “the life that follows immediately after bodily death...resurrection was a way of “speaking of a new life after ‘life after death’ ... a fresh living embodiment following a period of death.”

According to Wright, the meaning of resurrection as “life after ‘life after death’” cannot be overemphasized. This is due in large part because much modern writing continues to use “resurrection” as a synonym for “life after death.” 

Belief in “resurrection” meant belief in...a “two-step story.” Resurrection itself is preceded by an interim period of death-as-a-state. “Where we find a single-step story—death-as-event being followed at once by a final state, for instance of disembodied bliss—the texts are not talking about resurrection".

Read the whole thing.

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