Monday, 23 January 2012

Music In Simian Motion

Working with me (on drums) requires an unreasonable tolerance for chaos. Strange how that contrasts with my composer gig, which is autistically meticulous. When I get on my drums I'm not the urbane but brisk professional anymore. I'm a hairy-assed silverback swinging through the trees.

Stewart Copeland: Strange Things Happen p. 262

Stewart Copeland puts the cause of drummer equality back a hundred years by comparing percussionists to gorillas.

Seriously though, I just finished reading Stewart's book and found it very entertaining. He has a way with words and a great store of anecdotes. Playing in school fundraiser supergroup The Grateful Dads with Gene Simmons and Steve Stills, drumming inside a lion cage and getting Rage Against The Machine to group hug while singing Kumbaya, it's never boring!

Here's some classic Copeland

Other free songs by Matt Blick

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