Monday, 7 June 2010

The Great Newfrontiers Song Link Giveaway

In the last couple of months I’ve drawn attention to some free songs by my fellow Newfrontiers songwriters Ben Green & Matt Giles, so I thought I’d try an experiment.

If you’re part of a Newfrontiers church and have worship song mp3s available for free on the net let me know and I’ll link up to them on a page right here on my blog!

If you’re a Newfrontiers blogger/tweeter (whether a songwriter or not) please help me get the word out!

Let the link love begin!

Small print

I need 

your name
your church name/location
song titles
working links

you can leave em in a comment here or send me an email at


  • Songs must be your own compositions! I don’t want Chris Tomlin to send the boys round!
  • If all your songs are awesome I’ll post up to 3 but make sure they are stunning!
  • If you have free chord sheets/etc send me links for those too.
  • I’d prefer it if they’re songs you’re going to leave up indefinitely. People will be sad if they look for your songs and find a big empty hole in the internet instead…
  • Please send links NOT mp3’s. I can’t host your files. If your songs aren’t on the net and you want to take part, sign up for boxnet (it’s free) and get a web savvy friend to help.
  • I reserve the right to close this offer after the first million entries (so be quick) or when I get too overwhelmed or get bored. Just so you know.

Free songs by Me (lots of 'em!)

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