Wednesday, 7 April 2010

C.S. Lewis In A Dress

I got a lot of time for Vicky Beeching. She's one of the more careful lyricists, she rocks out on her Les Paul, and writes good tunes.

But in all her latest press she's being touted as 'Oxford Theologian' Vicky Beeching. Now I don't want to get all up in her grill, and maybe it's just a sense of inadequacy driven by my 2 days a month distance learning theological course, but I think it takes a little more than a Uni degree to make you a theologian. After all, as far as I know, Brenton Brown got the same degree and nobody's ever called him a theologian.

But then Vicky Beeching's never dressed like a homeless truck driver on her CD covers.

Is this a sad reflection on the  level of biblical insight and accuracy in contemporary worship songswriters? Does someone who knows enough to venture beyond

"he died on a tree, 
at Cal-va -ree, 
for you an' meeee"

stands out like Wayne Grudem at a snake handling convention?

Anyhoo - Vicky has a brand new track Salvation Day for free at iTicket. You should check it out.

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Blessing And Honour - Vicky Beeching


  1. Are you telling me I have to take "Theologian" off of my business cards? Damn.

    Out of interest - what 'qualifications' does one have to acquire to gain that title?

  2. That's a tough one and you're more of a theologian than me - what do you think?

    Some possibles

    You can be called one by others but you can't claim it for yourself*. And it helps if you're already dead. Basically the same rules for being a prophet.

    * Your publicist doesn't count as 'others'

    or you're a theologian if

    You write books that lots of people own, but don't read.

    You're a preacher who loves languages but doesn't 'get' people.

    You wear tweed and smoke a pipe.

    I think Vicky might qualify on the last point but I'm not 100% sure!

  3. Ah - dead people who write long dull books that no one reads. Gotcha.

    If you were interested in my opinion - I'm happy to do away with the title if needed! Since pride is a problem in theology (you're writing perhaps very learned things that completely miss the point if they make you look good!) I'd agree with you about other people calling you it.

    Theology belongs to the church not the academy, and any theology that does not lead the people of God into worship of God is most likely idolatrous. Even if not it's pointless.

    As such I'm not convinced it matters who does it, and an iconoclastic part of me would want to suggest that if the church can't understand it then it's utterly useless. (Though actually that isn't entirely the case as long as someone is making sure what is useful is leading the church to worship).

    Anyway - off to buy a pipe and write some notes to teach the church about election. ;)

  4. "Theology belongs to the church not the academy"

    Amen Bro!

    Putting my serious hat on for a change Bob Kauflin (rightly) says every worship leader/songwriter is a theologian whether they want to be or not, because they're making public statements about God. The issue is whether they're going to be bad theologians.


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