Thursday, 4 March 2010

Thursday Freebies

Vicky Beeching is a great British songwriter, worship leader, and is no slouch on guitar either. She has a new EP out but you can get a free track Blessing And Honour here. Want more? You can also pick up a chord sheet for nada (right click here).

Andrew Peterson is one of my favourite non-worship leader songwriters. Artist Insider have a fantastic series of interviews with Andrew that you can download here. If you want to explore the sordid underbelly of what an indie songwriter has to do to make ends meet it's all here – from the solid gold Hum-Vees to the swimming pools shaped like Dubai.

Rapzilla are giving away an ultimate deluxe package of Sho Baraka's up coming CD Lions & Liars. Sign up here.

Look for another free song tomorrow.

This week’s freebies come courtesy of Worship Together, iTickets & Artist Insider

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