Thursday, 25 March 2010

Newfrontiers Free Downloads

Worship School are giving away 3 Easter songs

Gethsemane - Stuart Townend
The Third Day - Simon Brading
Pardoned - Mike Sandeman (of Phatfish)

Before you get too excited, that's 3 lots of SHEET music, 2 tuition videos and one live mp3 (of the Simon Brading track) and the offer only runs till Easter but it's still got to be a good deal. You can even download the lot in one zip file so you don't wear yourself out with lots of tiring clicking.

Do you use any of these songs in your Church?
Do you think you might introduce any this Easter?

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  1. We're going to try introduce "To See the King of Heaven Fall" for tomorrow's Good Friday service. Hope it goes well.....

  2. Hope it goes well (I guess you're doing now aren't you a day ahead of me in NZ).

    Like your new blog BTW.


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