Wednesday, 24 February 2010

News & Links: Brenton's New Album, Pedals, Piper & Tweet

Brenton Brown has retooled his great album Because Of Your Love, ditched a few tracks, added some, rerecorded one and hey presto! we have Adoration. Highly recommended. As a worship leader I'd happily buy an album if it had ONE usable song on it. We've introduced THREE new songs from this album at Grace Church (plus one 'oldie' that we already did). That's almost unheard of.

What happens when a Christian gets too many effects pedals? watch the frightening results

I'm enjoying the ramblings of Fake John Piper but real John Piper can be just as crazy taken out of context. The Responsible Puppet has collected some classics here and here. For example... 

  • They got a law about ferrets. I told that to my wife and she said ‘I don’t even know what a ferret is!’
  • This is the doctrine of salvation by grace apart from Vegetables. 
  • I have always sat in the pews among you while we worship, except for the first ten years when I sat up here in my big throne like a king over his minions.
  • You can’t believe how many people have been saved off napkins. Napkin evangelism is very fruitful.
  • That’s what it’s going to be like in heaven. Skin and bouncing balls and lions and lambs lying down together. Dogs. No cats! Well, I guess the lion’s a cat.
  • Do you want to go home right now and watch TV? Don’t say it out loud if you do! You will be so embarrassed. Because I will say bad things about you. 

Finally some minor milestones. Last week this blog got it's 5000 visit. Amazing!
Today I got my 100th visit on The Blog After 909 (my Beatles songwriting blog). I've managed to dig out 19 top songwriting tips so far. Check it out if you haven't already. It's so little and cute.
My song More Than I Could Say hit 50 downloads.
And I've finally relented and you can now follow me (or get me to follow you) on Twitter.
As if we haven't all got enough to do already...

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