Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Tuesday News & Links

A bumper week for links n' things! Sovereign Grace go crazy, Tim Keller gets wise & the best female vocalist on the planet is back (recording - not 'back on the planet'). We've got a conference, a magazine,  a shopping list for your keyboardist and an 85 year old who joined a rap group.

 Tim Keller has the goods on dealing with criticism - which might come in handy if you lead worship. Read it here

"Ya got 5 seconds to repent or I break ya nose, ya bum" 
[How Tim Keller doesn't deal with criticism]

Christine Dente used to be one half (with her husband Scott) of Out Of The Grey. They were THAT BAND, you know, the one that drove you nuts by how amazing they were and how little recognition they got. Then came a solo album Becoming then 6 years of nothing. Now she's got an album out based on puritan prayers called Voyage. Check it out . And then buy everything you can find by them on eBay!

All their CDs (including Sons & DaughtersTo Be LIke JesusTogether for the Gospel LivePsalmsAwesome GodIn a Little WhileValley of Vision, and more) are $6 each and all downloads are $5. And there 's 50% off international shipping. I bought nearly every album they had a few years ago and didn't regret it. 

One album that is excellent value at $5 all year round is the Next 2009 Conference Live Album (download only), a great blend of new stuff and older songs with fresh new arrangements. C'mon it's just over £3 in real money...

Integrity Music have just started an online worship magazine and you need to take a look dude. It's, like, from the future maaaan!!!!! The first issue features Kari Jobe, Paul Baloche and Lincoln Brewster.

If you live in the UK my buddy Al Metcalfe  is hosting another charismatic worship conference on Sat Feb 13th called Preparing for the Presence of God . The main speaker is David Holden who is the gov'nor of charismatic church life.

Jamie Brown has a really helpful list of free and no-so-free resources for Church keyboard players on his blog, Worthily Magnify.

Lastly I thought the story of a rap band collaborating on a new project with an 85 year old holocaust survivor was pretty cool. She enjoyed it, but kept telling them to turn it down and stop jumping about.For real. 

Word to ya Nan. 

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