Friday, 22 January 2010

Friday Freebies - John Reuben, Laura Story, Steve & Vikki Cook

Some free sounds for your listening pleasure - first up the snarkey, snakey groove of John Reuben's No Be Nah from the excellently titled album "Sex & Drugs & Self-Control" - fresh and funky straight from Goatee records' site.

No Be Nah?
Yeah! As in "Let your yes be yeah and your no be nah" - now you get it? OK, so go get it and get down...

Next up the classy and worshipful Laura Story, writer of Indescribable, has a free track What A Savior available from the catalyst music project. And if you missed it, her debut album Great God Who Saves is well worth buying. Laura needs a new truck.

I posted a while ago about the free Sovereign Grace downloads on Facebook. From that bumper crop I've found I'm still listening to 'Beautiful Grace' by Steve and Vikki Cook. This song is not available on any album, but you can buy it for 99c from Mahaney & Sons (the guitar chart is free) or you could sign up...ok...I think I broke facebook -  ok the link has been taken down so I guess you should have jumped on that offer earlier you knuckleheads!

I'm just kidding websters - you know I love you!

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