Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Eglon & Ehud Go Live, Beatles Blog & More Downloads

Following on from my post on where worship should start Al Metcalfe shares his reflections on his Church in Manchester having the preaching first.

 Meet The Beatles

A couple of weeks ago I started (The) Blog After 909 - it's a Beatles blog. Not that the world really needs another one, but I've decided that during my sabbatical year off from leading worship at Grace Church I'm going to take a masterclass with the fab four, studying their songwriting by playing, analysing and then blogging about every one of their 211 songs.

If you're writing corporate worship songs I can't think of any better composers to study. Masters of simplicity, I've been seeing again firsthand their gift for writing memorable songs. My 6 year old, Harpo, today sang Yellow Submarine all the way to the tram and told me his favourite Beatles were "Ringo Starr & PORK McCartney!"

Read more about my plans for the site or check out one of the posts here.

Download Update

It's been another bumper week for my own songs with The Eglon Song getting up to 321 downloads and overall downloads at 693. They seem to be coming from all kinds of random google searches...

And finally I have a presence on YouTube. I had a lot of fun performing the Eglon Song at the Grace Church cabaret as you can see...(thanks to Joe Parker for editing it for me). Leave me a comment and let me know what you think.

Don't forget you can download the
mp3 acoustic demo
for free!

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