Tuesday, 13 October 2009

The Free Christian Music Blog

Where do I find all this fabulous free music that I'm always linking to? Well one invaluable source is the imaginatively titled FreeChristianMusicBlog.Com. This week Matt has outdone himself with

Mandisa - “He Is With You”
Chris Tomlin - “Emmanuel (Hallowed Manger Ground)”
Andreas Sandlund - “It Is Your Grace”
COS - “Your Will”
Relient K – “The Lining Is Silver”
B.Reith – “Mess”
House of Heroes – “In The Valley of the Dying Sun”
Abandon Kansas – “I Wonder If It’s Me”
Ayeisha Woods – “Transparent”
Stephanie Smith – “Not Afraid”
I Am Terrified – “Falling On Everlasting”
Matt Maher - “Alive Again”

and further tracks from

Michael W. Smith
Matt Maher
Phil Stacey
Matt Papa
Jason Gray
High Valley

check out this fantastic blog here

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