Tuesday, 20 October 2009

A Blogs Life - More Milestones!

More milestones in my little ol' blog's life

had my 3000th 3,105th visitor!

208 214 posts

Downloads for The Eglon Song have shot up to 211, a lot in the US and NZ.
The Weight Of Glory is very close to going through 100 and overall downloads are edging towards 500.
Even the newbie Great High Priest is ticking along nicely...

Thanks to the following for tweets and links

Bob@Worship Matters
Euge@The Reformission
Alistair@ Transcendence & Trainwrecks
Blue Fish Project
Audience Of One
Eric@An Infant In The Cradle
Jenny@Count It All Joy
David@A Surprising Light
and...er...King Eglon@Eglon

And to Mat, Ali, and the Phils for commenting...

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