Monday, 14 September 2009

A Little Something From The Cheese Trolley

Straight from the deli counter at iTickets I give you Carman "S.A.V.E.D. 100%"

If you don't know Carman, imagine you had an uncle who, you know, shook hands with Sinatra, then got saved, became an evangelist and started rapping when he was in his 50's. And then he never stopped. Ever. Like he climbed aboard the rap bandwagon and kept riding that thing 'till it became a mobility scooter.

I keep trying not to listen but then I just have to hear him say "A hunny percent" one more time.


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  1. I'mSaved100%1/10/09 7:45 pm

    If anything's a huge chunk of cheese smothered in cheese sauce with cheese sprinkled on top and a cheese straw added for extra measure it's this song. It's so bad it's addictive.


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