Thursday, 24 September 2009

Download Lyrycyst's Revolution Now

A while back I posted an excellent free track from christian rapper Lyrycyst. Well now the genre-jumping rapper has gone one better (or twelve better to be precise) . You can download his entire album Revolution (plus a bonus track) for free from GimmeSound.Com.

(GimmeSound is one of the new wave business models that pay artists for each download from advertising revenue. I’d heartily recommend you take a look and recommend it to every one you know).

Lyrycyst has a real nice edgy and aggressive style similar to Eminem (don’t let that frighten you!) Check the furious triple tonguing style on Go Get Em Kik & We've Got Something To Say.

What also sets him apart is he paints with a much broader musical pallet than your average rapper. Unlike artists like Lecrae & Tedashii his themes are more about being a rapper & life in general than preaching the gospel, but that’s ok - “not many of you should presume to be teachers.”

Stand out tracks? Plenty!

It’s A Movement

Take On The World

Everything I Am

Got Something To Say

Go Get Em Kik

Here’s a track from his first album 'American Dream'. Enjoy

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