Sunday, 20 September 2009

'Charismatic Flavoured Worship'

Today marks another little baby step in my 'career' as a blogger - my first guest post! If you head over to Al Metcalfe's blog  you'll find my piece entitled 'Charismatic flavoured Worship' where I put charismatic worship up against the numerous "I Can't Believe It's Not Charismatic Worship!" substitutes in a theological taste test. Here's an excerpt:

we can stretch our definition of spirit-led worship so widely that it encompasses just about anything that God is involved in doing. Gifts of the Spirit are mentioned in several places but as 1 Corinthians 12 & 14 are the passages most explicitly concerned with public worship (“when you gather together each one has… “) surely it is from there we should primarily draw our definitions.

After all many things are called spiritual gifts in scripture including celibacy and suffering but the presence of these in a church does not indicate we are having a spirit-led worship time.

Furthermore it is the Spirit that gives breath to every human being. Perhaps we should we contend that the Spirit of God is present to bless and lead our gathering simply because the people are breathing?

Read the whole thing here

On Sat 26th Sept I'll be speaking, God willing, at the "Letting The Spirit Lead" conference in Manchester, UK sharing part of a session with Al & Colin Baron on "Meeting leaders and worship teams working together". The main speakers are Julian Adams, a South African with a strong prophetic gift, and Andy Smith, a worship leader with The Message Trust. And topics include

* Making space for the prophetic and miracles in Sunday meetings
* Leading a band sensitively to support where the Spirit is leading
* Encouraging and using spontaneous and prophetic songs
* Q&A ‘clinic’ with speakers so you can ask your own questions

more details including how to book in here

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