Thursday, 25 June 2009

Don’t Waste your Tweet

Image: Geek and Poke

Now into his sixties John Piper seems set on not growing old gracefully. Here he shares his reasons for joining the ranks of twitter users. (If you’ve been in a cave for the last couple of years twitter is a microblogging platform - like a halfway house between your facebook status and a mini blog in which you’re limited to 140 characters).

Though others are commending twitter ("Twitter has changed my prayer life" - Al Mohler) and crediting it with power to bring political freedom to Iran, only Piper would write a ‘tweetable’ poem.

The sovereign Lord of the earth and sky
Puts camels through a needle’s eye.
And if his wisdom see it mete,
He will put worlds inside a tweet.

I don’t think I’ll be tweeting anytime soon though.
I’d probably be more like Tedashii than Piper.

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