Sunday, 8 March 2009

That's the way to do it!

For a relatively small network of churches Sovereign Grace sure know how to crank out high quality, congregationally friendly worship songs. Here's the stats on how many new songs they've released year on year...

2008 - 33
2007 - 21
2006 - 40

..bear in mind these are not covers of Hillsong, Matt Redman or anyone else. These are totally homegrown Sovereign Grace songs.

How do they do it? Bob Kauflin's most recent post shares one significant factor - a 3 day writing retreat (their sixth so far)...

A few weeks ago, I had the joy of gathering with 14 songwriters from Sovereign Grace churches to work on songs for some upcoming albums...we started out on Wednesday night with dinner and a few comments from me [and] I shared some encouraging emails we’ve received about songs we’ve written

Thursday and Friday morning we took time before the Lord in song and prayer. The rest of the day was spent writing, co-writing, and rewriting. Previous to the retreat songwriters could post songs on a songwriter’s forum website we’ve set up.

At the retreat, Mark Altrogge, Steve & Vikki Cook, and I sat in one room and listened to songs that people had been working on. We’d give comments and then the writers would head off to work on their songs. It was pretty much non-stop music.

What was different about this retreat is the number of times writers would ask others to help them change or finish a song. A majority of the songs we heard at the retreat were collaborations.

Imagine what the results would be if every church stream and denominations were as intentional. I feel very inspired (and a little bit jealous!)

Check out the full post here and look out for a whole bunch of new CDs coming soon!

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