Friday, 27 March 2009

Recommended Sovereign Grace Songs

My friend in Manchester Al Metcalfe asked for recommended Sovereign Grace songs...

I really believe that there is no church group writing more high quality congregation songs around today. Last summer I spent hours playing through various worship CDs collecting new ones to introduce at Grace Church Nottingham.

My method is to start by throwing out any song that is

theologically vague/wrong
has too wide a vocal range for congregations

Sadly these 2 simple tests got rid of most of the songs I was considering from other church streams/bands! But from the 6 or so Sovereign Grace CDs only 3 songs got sifted out.

Two songs that have become absolute GCN classics are -

A Debtor To Mercy (Upward) - Bob Kauflin
Grace Unmeasured (Worship God Live) - Bob Kauflin

other recently introduced and well received or about to be introduced -

Out Of The Depths (Psalms) – Bob Kauflin
God Is Our Refuge (Psalms) – Joel Sczebel/Peter Gagnon
He Is Jesus (In A Little While) – Stephen Altrogge
Jesus, Thank You (Worship God Live) – Pat Sczebel

Others on the maybe list -

Hail The Risen King, At The Cross, How Sweet The Day, All That I Need, Isn't He Good (all by Stephen Altrogge)

As Long You Are Glorified, Emmanuel, Emmanuel, It Was Love (Mark Altrogge)

Your love & Oh The Deep, Deep Love (Bob Kauflin)

I Surrender All – Pat Sczebel
For You Are Holy -Zach Jones

I'm assuming you already sing the old 'Stoneleigh-approved' favourites like Before The Throne Of God, No Eye Has Seen, We Rejoice In The Grace Of God,Most Holy Judge, Covenant Of Grace, You Are Beautiful Beyond Description...

recommended CDs

Worship God Live
Upward - Bob Kauflin
In A Little While - Mark & Stephen Altrogge
King Of Grace - PDI (an oldie, but a personal fave)

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