Thursday, 22 January 2009

WorshipGod08 Seminars - part one

Here's a list of the seminars available FREE from the Sovereign Grace website from their WorshipGod08 conference.

General Sessions

Knowing God with the Psalmist (Craig Cabaniss)
Expressing Emotion with the Psalmist (Thabiti Anyabwile)
Glorifying Christ with the Psalmist (Mark Dever)
Enduring Hardship with the Psalmist (David Powlison)
Praising God with the Psalmist, Part 1 (Bob Kauflin)
Praising God with the Psalmist, Part 2 (David Powlison)
Living Life with the Psalmist (Bob Kauflin)

Praying with the Psalmist (Donald Whitney)
Psalm 131: A Calm and Humble Heart (David Powlison)


Drumming for Worshippers (Jordan Kauflin)
Electric Guitar Workshop (Dave Campbell)
Foundations for Bass Players (Don Nalle)
Foundations for Keyboardists (Jon Payne)
The Solo Instrument in Worship (Gary Bowers and Tommy Hill)
Vocal Blending and Arranging, Part 1&2 (Todd Twining)


  1. Ollie Hrubiak26/1/09 10:37 pm

    Yeh these are great seminars. I listened to all the instrument ones about 3 months ago. I thought the keyboard seminar was especially helpful. Jon very simply explains how you go about finding your place and fitting into an arrangement and takes you through the process of learning to improvise, both areas can be applied to nearly every instrument and I recommend it to all musicians.

  2. thanks for the recommendation Ollie - I'll pass it on to the team.


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