Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Is that not the gospel?

Thabiti over at PureChurch linked to this amazing two-part interview featuring John MacArthur preaching the gospel on a full-on health, wealth & prosperity TV show. I can't help thinking that when the interviewer says "Is that not the gospel?" he is genuinely surprised by John's definition.

What's this got to do with worship leading? I don't know, but it certainly did my heart good to have our glorious salvation spelled out. 

"Eternal rescue from Hell".

We get to have our sins forgiven, our debt wiped out and be with God forever. MacArthur made this sound like the glorious thing it truly is and at the same time, without 'naming any names'  made other competing 'good news' sound like the pathetic placebo it is.  Preach it John!

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