Sunday, 28 December 2008

Best CDs of 08 (with beef and cheese)

As it's so near to December 31st, I can confidently say I've found my favourite album of 2008. It's (drum roll please)...Resurrection Letters Vol. II by Andrew Peterson. His lyrics are both constantly fresh and unexpected and yet once you hear them so 'right' that they seem inevitable. As soon as I got the album I listened to it 5 times in a row. You can download a podcast where he previews every song and talks about the inspiration behind them. Then order the CD from the Rabbit Room.When he's not writing powerful and poetic songs about the effect of the resurrection, he manages to find the time to write powerful and poetic songs about cheese. Or maybe it's not cheese...

His friend and producer Andy Gullahorn, at same concert sings a song that is definitely NOT about Roast Beef. Though it takes Andy longer to introduce the song than sing it, it's 10 minutes of your time you definitely won't regret spending.

Top CD no 2 is The Universe Is Flat by Chris Spring. This remarkable album is available for free download.


So why are you still reading this?

If you want more music Christianity Today has an article on their Top 12 Cds of the year, and you can listen to clips from every one. None have blown my away so far, but I thought the KAZOO SOLO on 'City Bus Love Song' by Newworldson was rather daring!


  1. Does anyone else find that Cheese Song annoyingly catchy. I guess it's just me but i think the song is genius.


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