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Free Songs

I give all my songs away for free here - mp3s, chord sheets - everything

You can download my most popular songs -

The Eglon Song
The Weight Of Glory (live)
Great High Priest
If You're Here This Morning
The Greatest Commandment
The Ballad Of NDC

More Free Songs

You can also find links to a lot of free songs by other artists like these

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there are lots of posts on

(And if songwriting is your thing, check out my Beatles Songwriting Academy).

As a former worship leader there's some posts on Worship leading like Where should worship start? and Charismatic worship like 12 ways to increase congregation participation

But that's enough about you

If you’d like to know more about me you can find out about my 5 weirdest gigs or read some fatherly advice I gave to my former pupils.

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  1. Jessica Renshaw17/4/10 1:05 am

    Hi, Matt!

    I wrote a song called The Comin' Off the Mountaintop Blues. I thought it might bless people at the end of Christian retreats and conferences, prepare them for re-entry into "real life.". A friend, Doug Susu-Mago, who normally does opera, offered to write down the music in my head by having me sing it in my shy, squeaky little voice onto a cassette tape and mail it to him. It was sung (more professionally than I had done) and recorded at the annual women's meeting for my denomination a couple of years ago. Here's why I tell you all this: I would love to provide it free to any individual or group who can use it. Maybe you can help me know how to do that. Thanks!

  2. No problem Jessica - I'll email you.

  3. hey matt, i just listened to 'i lost my capo' possibly my favourite song of the year so far, brilliant, mind if i use it in a mixtape i'm planning 'glad beats'..

    edd >> via jack

  4. Sure Edd no prob - just give me a link back and a mention on the notes. Like you're stuff on soundcloud. Can't comment cos I'm not a member!

  5. Sorry harry I redid the design of the page and the email subscription is now in the right hand column, between popular blog posts and followers

  6. Thanks for stopping by Growing Kids Ministry. Looking forward to seeing more about the songs!

  7. Thanks Lindsey! You may like The Greatest Commandment song -it's my other 'children's ministry hit!'



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